SAQA US ID: 12484
Perform basic fire fighting
NQF Level: 02
Credits: 4
Duration: 2 days (course duration can be adapted to our clients’ needs)


This basic fire fighting course will be enable employees to fight insipient-stage fires in the workplace using basic fire fighting equipment. This fire fighting course incorporates the specific outcomes and assessment criteria of the following SAQA registered Unit Standard:

This basic fire fighting training will be enable employees to identify different classes of fires, and to contain, prevent and extinguish different types of fires by operating basic fire fighting equipment.

This basic fire fighting course is a hands-on, practical course but includes formal instruction on the various aspects of fire safety and prevention, fire behaviour and basic fire fighting equipment, techniques and procedures.

Course contents:

  • Fire policy in the workplace – prevention strategies and safety procedures.
  • Industry safe practices (Occupational Health and Safety Act)
  • Consequences of non-adherence to safe practices.
  • Personnel procedures: how and when to call the fire department.
  • The theory of fire and how fire spreads; causes of fires; classes of fires.
  • Firm understanding of how the equipment is to be used to its full potential
  • Fire fighting techniques; fire fighting procedures.
  • Practical participation in dry powder fire extinguishers.
  • Basic life support and care for burns.