It is the duty of every employer to provide employees with safe working systems, maintain safe worksites, plant and equipment and to make sure as far as possible that the employee is not exposed to hazards in the workplace.

One way for the employer to identify hazards in the workplace is by conducting a risk assessment, this is one of the best ways to identify and control hazards in the workplace.

By conducting risk assessments it makes it easier to identify hazards and to take the necessary action to minimise the chance of an incident or accident occurring because of the hazard.


Course Content:

The process for conducting a risk assessment is covered:

  • Select an activity
  • Identify the hazards in that activity
  • Identify who or what will be affected by this hazard
  • Assess the risk of the hazard
  • Rate the risk (Low, medium or high risk)
  • Make changes to minimise the hazard



Subject to completion of an assessment all learners will be issued with a “Occupational Health and Safety Risk Assessment” certificate approved by SETA.


Course Duration

1 day