This course is designed to educate people about HIV/AIDS


Course Content:

  • Explain what HIV is and how it is contracted
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of HIV transmission
  • Distinguish between myth and reality regarding HIV/AIDS
  • Understand the potential negative impact of HIV/AIDS on workplace &   community
  • Understand the health risks associated with a promiscuous lifestyle
  • Basic rights regarding HIV/AIDS
  • How to apply safe first aid for injured persons
  • What support structures exist and who one can talk to regarding HIV/AIDS related issues.
  • Understand the procedure of testing and what it entails.
  • What risk behaviours are and what behaviours promote risk.
  • Understanding that prevention is better than cure and how to protect oneself.
  • The importance of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Understanding and dealing with HIV positive people in the workplace as well as in the



Candidates will be issued with a Certificate of Attendance for “Basic HIV/AIDS Awareness” certificate approved by SETA.


Course duration:

1 day