Q: Is First Medical Response a SETA Registered and Accredited Training Provider?

A: Yes, we are. We were awarded with Full SETA Approval and Accreditation.

Q: Will we be able to arrange the classes around our schedule?

A: Yes, we offer on and off site training, the number of days per course can be split up to run either consecutively or not.

Q: Do you offer self-study for any of your course?

A: Yes we can. (Terms and Conditions Apply)

Q: Is it necessary for a person to do all the First Aid Levels before doing a Level 3?

A: No, you may do a Level 3 without doing Level 1 or 2, however it will be more beneficial, as you would have gained the knowledge in Level 1 and Level 2.

Q: How long do the First Aid Certificates remain valid for?

A: First Aid Certificates are valid for 3 years commencing from the date of successful assessment and verification.

Q: Does the Fire Fighting or Health and Safety Representative Certificate Expire?

A: No, however it will always be recommended to keep updated with the latest protocols.

Q: Do you sell any First Aid Bags, Boxes or other Medical Equipment?

A: Yes, we have received many requests and do supply First Aid Equipment to companies and individuals.

Q: Are any of your courses aimed at either companies or can individuals also attend such as teachers, stay at home moms and our kids?

A: Our courses are aimed at all industries, may it be corporate, construction, office staff, parents or scholars.